Best Golf Courses Around the World

Golf courses are, perhaps, the most charming thing about golf. Built and adapted to its landscape, every golf course is a unique playground with its vegetation, woodwork, stonework, rivers, small water bodies, and terrain. Besides the appearance, golf courses can be a challenge for both professional golfers and people just hanging out. A long walk on a golf course is a good way of strengthening bonds between people. Today, we decided to introduce some of the most beautiful golf courses around the world. Come on, knowing about golf rangefinders would never be enough! You got to know more, right?

Sebonack Golf Club in Southampton, New York, is truly an exceptional golf course. Confidently sitting between the ancient National Golf Links of America and the four-time United States Open host Shinnecock Hills, which is considered the wealthiest and most discerning community of the United States, Sebonack Golf Club attracted elite members who willed to pay its $650,000 membership fee. The cost is much more about the exclusivity of the membership, but its extraordinary and challenging golf experience and the exceptional holes are certainly a part of it as well.

St. Andrews Links in Scotland has six public courses, one of which is widely considered the oldest golf course in the world. That golf course has shaped the design of courses all around the world for centuries. Despite its considerable age, the course has preserved its highest quality. Its most unique feature is the large double greens, seven of which are shared by two holes each. Besides unique design and layout, the golf course is one of the most challenging and complex courses for both amateur and professional golfers. A range of golf authorities and magazines have repeatedly included the golf course in the top rankings of one of the best golf courses outside North America.

Royal County Down in Northern Ireland is the most favored golf playground of the locals and professionals and is a globally admired run of traditional Irish holes.  Royal County Down has a been a subject of passionate debates about its rivalry with another local golf club of Royal Portrush. The uniqueness of this course is its environment with magnificent mountains, the salty Irish Sea, and the scenic holiday town it is located in.

Address Montgomerie in Dubai is considered the host to some of the wealthiest and keen people in the world and is nicknamed “billionaires playground”. It is one of the top destination courses in the world due to its 18-hole championship golf course and 5-star rated accommodations. The great thing about this course is that it is not only about golf. Its offer includes an unmatched gamut of services for any person, whether he or she is a professional or amateur golfer, adept of fine dining, or just wishes to relax, making it a perfect place for both golfers and non-golfers.

The famous Swilcan bridge on the 18th hole of the Old Course links in St Andrews Scotland. Many famous golfers have traditionally posed for photographs on this bridge at the end of their tournament rounds thanking the crowds for their support. The Royal &

Pine Valley in Pine Valley, New Jersey, despite its rich history and having been considered one of the top courses in America numerous times, has simplistic grounds and clubhouse. The course is a perfect choice for a golfer who is looking for a great game and not the range of services and comfort. The golf course is a reminder of the times when amateur golf enthusiasts have done everything, including selling their own homes, to pay for the construction of golf courses. The course features several places for out-of-town golfers to stay in as well as offers free shuttle service to and from the airport. The course is considered the most iconic collection of par threes and par fives in the world.

Best Food Habits for a Golfer

We need energy for every activity in our lives. To be able to constantly develop, we need to avoid stresses, rest, and provide our organisms with nutrition. The latter is the today’s topic, particularly in golf.

Athletes, be they world-class or Olympic level sportsmen, carefully program their diets to fuel their bodies for maximum energy and muscle recovery. Proper diet is especially important during competitions when athletes need to be in their peak form for consecutive days. Nutrition is one of the most important factors of keeping the body ready for stresses of competition.

The game of golf is often played in heat during several hours and days of tournaments. To perfect each shot, a golfer needs to be in proper physical and mental form as every single shot can be crucial in a game and competition, which is perfectly known by professional golfers.

Unfortunately, some golfers tend to use energy bars or drinks which are often comprised of cheap ingredients, sugars, and stimulants, which might give them energy for a very short period of time only for it to fall afterwards. Moreover, energy nutrition can interfere with the sleep pattern of golfers, decreasing the levels of their resources even more.

The fact that a single missing nutrient can ruin all the advantage that modern equipment gives you is astonishing. Studies have identified that the human body needs more than 50 essential nutrients to function at its peak. The deficiency or absence of any of these nutrients can lead to dysfunction and disease of the human body. Every athlete knows that getting all the necessary nutrients is as important as, for example, having a set of different types of golf clubs.

In a golf game, you need energy. The human body uses carbohydrates as an energy source, so you should consume enough of them for you to be able to keep your peak form during hours-long games and several-kilometers walks on the golf course. While our body has energy in store in the form of fats, its amounts will probably be insufficient for a prolonged golf game, so make sure you eat products with carbohydrates such as beans, fruit, milk, lentils, potatoes, whole grains before a game.

Proteins are another crucial components of a diet. They are used by the human body in recovery and synthesis of tissues and muscles, so they are extremely important to consume in order for you to recover after a training session or a golf game. Proteins are contained in meats, such as chicken, turkey, beef, pork, seafood, milk products, some vegetables, and other types of products.

Drinking water is the next crucial part of one’s diet. Dehydrating during a golf game will hamper the blood flow, increasing the heart rate, which in its turn increases energy expenditure. You certainly don’t want to get fatigued during a competition, so water should be your number one priority during a golf game.

Create your own eating routine to know what you are exactly getting out of your food. Generally, you need to consume carbohydrates before training or golf games for energy and proteins after them to ensure proper recovery after stress. The exact amount of nutrients you need is extremely individual and you cannot base your diet on general recommendations. You might need to visit a sports nutritionist to be able to find out the approximate routine for yourself. Keep these points in mind to be always in good shape for your golf games.

Benefits of Playing Golf

Today, golf is one of the most popular sports worldwide. It is known as a gentleman’s game and is considered a leisure for rich people. Golf is an outdoor game and is played on large courses, which offers many benefits for golf players. Some of the benefits of golf are:

  • The need to play outdoor. Large golf courses are built out in the open because of the scale of the game. Every course has a unique layout and landscape, which gives players aesthetic pleasure. Furthermore, the exposure to green is proven by studies to relax the body, reduce stress, and can aid alleviating anxiety. Exposure to sun contributes to the synthesis of vitamin D in the organism, aiding bone growth and reducing the risk of depression, heart disease, and certain cancers.
  • Golf fosters relationships. As golf is not as intense and competitive as such sports as football or basketball, it gives the golfers more time to interact with each other. It can provide great opportunities of meeting new people or getting in touch with friends. According to studies, a great number of business deals is closed on golf courses.
  • Playing golf burns calories. In golf, you need to hit golf balls into a series of holes, which means that you’ll need to do a lot of walking to get from one hole to another. On average golf course, you can cover a distance between five to seven kilometers! All the walking, carrying, and swinging can burn up to 1000 calories in a single game.
  • Golf is good for your brain and mental health. The increase of the heart rate intensifies the blood flow to you brain, which can stimulate nerve cell connections and delay mental illnesses. During a golf game, golfers compete against others and with themselves for personal best scores, which boosts self-confidence. Moreover, improving the strategy in golf and developing hand-eye coordination will help keeping the brain active.
  • Golf is a low-risk injury sport. Golf is not a contact sport, making it not as traumatic as these kind of sports. Golf is a sport of strategy, accuracy, and coordination, but activities such as swinging and walking provide enough physical load to keep the muscles engaged.
  • Golfers sleep better. Getting quite of an exercise, your body will get tired, making you fall asleep faster. Generally, golfers sleep more profoundly and remain in sleep for longer time because of the energy expenses. That is because deeper sleep is a must for the body to regenerate and repair cells and tissues.
  • Golf reduces stress. Outdoor area and communication with other players help alleviate stress. That is due to the increase of release of endorphins, natural mood-enhancing chemicals, which make us feel happier and more relaxed. Walking for a couple of kilometers in a green, open, and natural landscape as well as communicating with people who share your interests make golf a great way to forget about troubles.

If you are looking for not so demanding type of physical activity, golf is a perfect choice. If you want to meet new people and get closer with your friends, golf is a good choice. Do you want to benefit from exercise? Again, golf is one of the best choices you can make. So grab your golf club and go to a golf course to hit some golf balls!